Thursday, April 17, 2014

By iNow Web Design

Ice Talent Agency in Canada

ICE Talent Agency specializes in Casino, Convention, and Promotional related staffing needs. We are based out of Las Vegas, and if you are looking for our American Site please visit ICE provides Promotional Models, Model card dealers and Go Go dancers from Tampa, Las Vegas up to Alaska and now in Canada. 

ICE is the first AGLC certified employment and talent agency. We provide our clients with outstanding models for all of your event needs. With over 12 years of experience in the event industry, the founders of ICE Talent Agency have taken their passion to another level by setting a reputable name in the worlds of casinos, conventions, and concerts. We strive to exceed your expectations while doing so within your budget. If you are looking for reliable, talented and beautiful entertainers, ICE Talent Agency is the agency you are looking for. 


Model Dealers

ICE Talent Agency is Canada's first vendor provider of Model Dealers. Our Dealers are trained to be professional, alluring, and above all- to increase your drop at the end of the night. Here are our current Model Dealers. 

You can select the dealers you would like at your casino by a live audition, agency choice, or by their picture alone. You are always in charge of what talent walks through your door, and the policies they abide by. 



Promo Models

A promotional model is a person who creates demand for a product, service or brand by interacting directly with clients and consumers. They deliver a “live” experience, a hands on demonstration, and your product knoweledge directly to new consumers.


Event Dancers

Event or "go go" dancers are dancers who are employed to entertain crowds at a night club, event, or concerts. Our go go dancers are trained to help keep the energy of your party up beat, to keep your patrons engaged, and to add personalized touch to your event. ICE Canada currently has trained dancers and go go dancers, so if you'd like a cheorgraphed show or just a burst of energy we have the right crew for you!